15 Easy-To-Learn Brutally Effective "Fight-Enders"
Simple, effective, real-world survival tactics for managing combative subjects, edged weapons attacks, multiple assailants, pose down encounters too other life threatening situations. Valuable skills that officers tin give the sack easily internalize too delineate upon.

Not alone did SGT Wagner supply us amongst invaluable preparation inwards aircraft interdiction but he besides showed us defensive tactics if nosotros are always attacked amongst edged weapons.

This Command is glad to communicate to you lot that SGT Jim Wagner has been appointed to last an Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force. Thank you lot for sharing amongst us the counter-terrorism textile obtained during all your preparation some the world.

I lately purchased your tapes “Fighting Mindset.” I constitute them to last outstanding. I cause got a C.C.W. License too NRA qualified inwards personal defense. I learned a lot from your tapes. Keep upward the expert work. Everyone that carries a handgun should catch these tapes.

Even though I’m a civilian, I’ve gotten a gustation of what the Navy Seals too the SWAT Teams practice! If you lot are going to defend your life, you lot cause got to last willing to create what it takes. I’ve taken other courses... but I honour that Ben Cooley's dwelling family defense strength techniques are applicable to the close extreme scenarios.

I’ve been a constabulary officeholder for 32 years too I cause got been through a lot of courses. None of these cause got compared amongst Ben Cooley’s course of pedagogy inwards tactics too “The Fighting Mindset”. Preparing too maintaining the fighting mindset was the close impressive constituent of the course of pedagogy for me. Learning those techniques could...Read More Detail

Article Source: Generation Engelmundus, Zeageat IM


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